Dhankesari Result Today 1 PM | 21 July 2024

Want to see dhankesari today result at 1 PM? You’ve arrived at the ideal location! Every day, we update the Nagaland State Lottery results directly on this page, covering the morning, night, and evening draws. We post the results available for the Dhankesari lottery of the 1 PM slot here. You can try your luck at this slot and see if you get lucky with the ticket or not.

Dhankesari Result Today 1 PM

There are five prizes available in the 1 PM draw: a 1 crore rupee first prize, 9000 rupees second prize, 450 rupees third prize, 250 rupees fourth prize, and 120 rupees fifth reward. They are giving prizes to the lucky five winners. Below are the results of Nagaland’s 1 PM draw for today.

Dhankesari Dear Morning 1:00 PM Tickets

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Dwarka Monday Weekly
TuesdayDear Godavari Tuesday Weekly
WednesdayDear Indus Wednesday Weekly
ThursdayDear Mahanadi Thursday Weekly
FridayDear Meghna Friday Weekly
SaturdayDear Narmada Saturday Weekly
SundayDear Yamuna Sunday Weekly

Dhankesari Dear Morning 1:00 PM Prize

RankNo. Of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)